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Week 2 -All the little things

I am a little early with my week 2 smiles post but I have had a brilliant weekend of little and some medium smiles so I wanted to share.

Lila turned 3, in celebration we had lots of family time, eating, dancing and general merriment. As is tradition, 3 years counts as a tradition right? I made Lila’s cake. This year is the first year she has been aware enough to make requests and I feel like she saved up the last two years worth and hit me with them all at once. Although the requests changed significantly the general theme remained the same “I would like mermaids, and more than 1 cake please”. She ended up with a fairly simple two tier affair, I was too hungover for the eyes on the day of the party so she helped with them and the mermaid ended up looking slightly demonic but she loved it. The smile on her face when she first saw the cake was enough to fill my smile count for the next year. So other than the #HumbleBrag this was a very good part of my week.

Backstrokes and snuggles, this is more of a daily smile but at the moment it’s such a solid foundation it’s a noteworthy smile. DW this is also v. PG.

The bittersweet celebrations of life. This week I attended my best friends nanny’s funeral. It was a desperately sad occasion because of the depth of love between the two of them and yet it was also a day full of smiles. Before the event we all got ready and drank champagne at my friends house, there was a positive energy to the day. It started to sprinkle a little bit of snow that we all agreed was the good lady herself putting in a little appearance. The service was short and sweet but the after party was where the smiles really were. My friend had made a photo collage that was beautiful and inspired conversation, sharing stories of old times which in turn inspired lots of laughter. We started the night having nanny’s preferred drink of brandy and lemonade as an homage and realised the girl was on to something so continued with this drink for the whole evening. Woman of exceptional taste. We danced to her favourite records and laughed some more. It was truly a fitting tribute to a wonderful woman, it feels odd to write a smile about such a bittersweet moment but I guess that is life right?



Week 1- The Weekly Smile


Okay, so today I was scrolling through daily posts for inspiration; I am about half way through my month of daily posts (31 day blogging challenge) and if I am being honest I am LOVING the outlet of daily posts, even though some have been quite negative. I enjoy the structure of having something to think about to start my day off and working around it too, I worry if I just went freestyle and blogged daily it would read more like a confused and often dramatic diary. I also think I would fall back on an old “it’s all fine” trick of manipulating what I put out for the world based on how I think it would be perceived rather than just a fairly honest reflection on the day…but I digress. So, I was looking through daily blog posts and up pops #TheWeeklySmile.

Well, I love a smile I don’t know many people that don’t. More muscles to frown and all that 😉 so I read on. It basically this really cool idea set up by a guy called Trent P McDonald as a reaction to a friend’s facebook post about negativity and negative people. Of posting a weekly image/video/blog/any other kind of medium about a smile you have had, this could be the smallest smile (my niece telling me she loved me sooooooo much and giving me a big cuddle before I went back to work this afternoon) or a bloody huge smile (the feeling of picking up my FdA at my first graduation) but it just has to be a smile. The hope is that this rolls out and that people all over the world are posting weekly smiles on their social media and blogs and that these smiles get seen by people who don’t know and the post brings a little light to their day. As well as their own post, Trent provides a weekly link ‘linky’ that people can add their smiles too, this is pretty cool way of connecting with the rest of the community and if you are struggling to find a smile for the week a pretty good way to see some of the positivity that exists in the world.

The original post gives the ‘rules’ a term by his own definition is loosely applied, but basically to remind people positivity only counts if it’s not coming at the cost of someone else’s happiness, a.k.a Don’t be a jerk.

I am totally in love with this idea, and can not wait to become an active participant. I will aim to link each week’s smile below, starting with my first smile; stumbling across this fantastic little community and reading some of the previous smiles from both Trent’s list and the smiles linked to his weeks.


My Smiles (if you wanna see these as a scroll select the drop down from the menu above):
Week 1 – The Smiles



(I’ve stolen the artwork from the original posts for this one, the top one I can see is signed by Trent so I would assume the credit is as linked back to him, the second I couldn’t see who to credit. But Trent if you are reading this and you are unhappy with either being used please let me know and I will remove them 🙂 )