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Day 17-Fav Childhood Book

Okay so before we even go down this rabbit hole, what are we classifying as Childhood? Lila has books that we read almost every night, she is 2 and I don’t for a second expect we will be reading the same thing in 4 years but it would feel like a waste after dedicating a full year to them to completely ignore them if discussing her childhood favourites in the future. So we aren’t answering the question about Lila but my point still stands, childhood is too undefined a term for me to give you a singular answer.

Plus, why would I pick just 1 book out of the many thousands out there to define the period in time in which I established the main base of my beliefs and thoughts around the world? ARE YOU CRAZY!?!?!

Here is a selection of books I loved from infancy to YA, in no particular order.

  1. The little mermaid -Disney addition, now as an adult I can frown at the quite obvious sexism in teaching a young girl that she doesn’t need a voice cause a man will fall in love with her ‘body language’ but at the time I was just happy there was a mermaid with red hair. My mum always had red hair whilst I was growing up (I now have red hair) so I somehow related to her.
  2. Thursdays Child- Noel StreatfeildI was weirdly obsessed with this book as a small child, I don’t remember relating to any of the characters, although I am sure I did, it was however the first book that completely transported my mind.
  3. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (+series) – JK Rowling, do I need to even introduce this. This book was first introduced to me in Year 4 (aged 9) by a year 5 teacher (Mrs Sales- phonetic spelling of her name but I can not remember the actual). I still hear her voice when I read the first chapter though, she had an extreme elegance in the way she spoke and it captivated me as a child. This along with the book itself just allowed an awkward 9 year old to escape the frustrating world around her and hope for better.
  4. Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll, read with my dad from a small age and still reading now. My nan got Lila an Alice dress for her birthday so I am going to start introducing the stories to her.

I am sure there are many more but since starting this blog post I have become increasing distracted in my surroundings, apparently uni is not the place to blog. So I will leave it here.




What should I be reading next?


Hello world!

If you are reading this little blog then I would wager you are probably also a pretty avid reader offline, if so I need your help. You’ll see from previous posts that I am currently doing the #RoryGilmoreReadingChallenge which should have given me enough books to cover the next 4 years, but I’m going to let you in on a secret…I’m a true rebel without a cause.

So much so that I rebel against myself.

Since deciding to do the challenge I have read 5 books and 6 samples, only 1 of these samples is a title in the challenge!!! I will struggle through and complete the challenge but this request is to help me bulk up the procrastination reading list. Obviously, what else would I be asking for than more tools to avoid the tiny level of commitment I have imposed upon myself and my blog.

Currently; I list recommendations from friends, family member, other blogs, comments online, basically anyone or thing that speaks about a piece of literature. If I can obtain the book for a low price or FREE (emphasis always on the FREE, it is my fav price) then I will just read the whole book. Before this blog I would then post a review on Goodreads or/and Amazon, now I will also be posting one here. If however, I can not get the book cheaply or free I will download a free sample from Amazon to my kindle. This is the point where if you are a book purest you will be imagining burning myself and all other digital loving heathens on a fire, kindling (ironic I know) obviously not books!  I will post about my move to part-digital in another post but that is another day my friends. Anyway I digress, the samples are usually 1-3 chapters of the book (I think it’s actually a % of the book but I’m not working it out for you today) this will either wet my appetite for more or let me know that I really have no interest in carrying on with the book. You will start to notice the books I have not enjoyed as much because they will be #sampleonly reviews.

What do I need you all for? To recommend books of course. I am more than happy to take the plunge off the back of a recommendation you have heard and if it’s a book I read previously and reviewed I will post it up for you to see. So world my question to you is: What should I be reading next?