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Day 23-Pet Peeves


I am petty so I imagine this list is going to be long.

Men that try to explain to me why feminism is wrong/oppressing men ūüėź

Being late, which is awkward because I am ALWAYS late.

Not being taken seriously, also being talked down too. Just fuck off.

Waiting for things, if I have had a really good idea I want to do it NOW!

Parents that think having children is the absolute ultimate in life. I get it you love your kid, but don’t judge me on my life choices because I am not there yet if I ever get there. I will not be judging you for having the children because I love children and I love spending time with my friend’s children and my niece is so important to my happiness and my life. But just don’t be an ass man, we took different paths live with it.

Youtubers with annoying voices, this is so superficial but it just irritates me. Don’t get me wrong I’m not about to start abusing in the comments cause let’s face it that’s just dumb.

Other drivers.

Other people when I am walking.

High shelves/hanging rails in shops. I am short.

People picking their noses, this actually makes me heave. Do NOT eat it ūüė¶ (I gagged writing this)

“Is Pepsi¬†okay?” NO! I didn’t ask you for Pepsi I asked for a Diet Coke.

Feeling helpless, this is not so much of a pet peeve but I hate it.


Day 22-10 fav songs

Well this is much more fun than yday so 10 favourite songs, just going to free ball and not over think these.

Soul KitchenThe Doors, although the Patti Smith cover is exceptional. Actually I cant decide between the two so both. I’m breaking all the rules!

The Young Crazed PeelingThe Distillers

Pure Love Rod Stewart. My dad sent this to me whilst I was in Africa and it created all the feels.

White Rabbit – Patti Smith, this is also a cover but I started listening to Twelve after the soul kitchen reference and PS is bae ‚̧ (No links for this because its not on spotify soz)

Change-New Town Kings, when someone puts all your politics in to a pretty amazing song. That.

Suffragette CityDavid Bowie, this was v. nearly Rock and Roll Suicide but lets face it there are soooo many  Bowie songs and albums too choose from.

Lust for LifeIggy Pop

Ode to Billie JoeBobbie Gentry

C’mon EverybodyEddie Cochran

Girl from the North CountryBob Dylan and Johnny Cash

I feel like this list is pretty predictable but I mean firm favs are favs for a reason right? I am also currently reading/listening my way through The Mojo’s definitive collection of best albums, thanks to #GilmoreGirlsReadingChallenge so I expect this to change all the time.

Day 20 – 10 years on

This feels very timely. I’m in my final semester at university (Oh did I mention…haha) as well as a ridiculous amount of CV and interview prep there is also a huge lean on us to make the 5 to 10 year plan. Yay for life pressures!

If I wanted to be really non committal, which lets face it I always want to be non committal because honesty is HARD, I would just say simply I would like be happy. Dw I made myself a little sick typing that so I’m not blaming you for pulling a face.

I think there are two approach’s to mapping the next 10 years, I mean there are many more than two approaches but I don’t want to micro manage every inch of my life so we will go with the broad strokes. Also

This is more of a personal development section I guess as I have ZERO idea where I will be career wise, see day 16 for more indecisiveness about my dream job. I do know that I would like the following things though:

РI want (would like, we are adjusting language now so  to have completed my professional qualifications, this is actually a new one before this year I was kind of so-so about being chartered.

– I would like to have a good work/life balance, I love life this does not need to messed up by working long hours and not relaxing ever.

– The farm, although this is unpaid I still consider this as work because I invest both my time and my emotion in to the project. In 10 years I have no idea where the farm would be but I am hopeful it is successful and that there are a new generation of volunteers who are leading the project, inspiring their peers and building for our community.


Outside of personal development, where would I like to be in 10 years? There are some factors I have no control over. I am going to be 36 in 10 years time, this statement terrifies me. I knew I was going to write it but I still froze in horror when I did write it. Based on my hair currently I will be naturally grey, I see you parting pepper! So this is a list of things I would just like to have done/do before turning 36.

– I would like to be a mum, this is straight up there on the personal 10 years on. I’ve mentioned before this is not necessarily going to be the easiest thing for me to do and that adoption is highly likely, but this is a perfect world scenario right? So I would like to be a mum and I would like have 4 children.

– Backing off that and for general stability I would like to have a house that is comfortable enough for the slightly above average family I would like.

РI would like to continue travelling and have reached minimally 35 countries by this time.

РBody goals, and please do not think this is fat shaming in any way. Body Positivity is sooooo important. nobody gets the tell you what to do with your body and nobody should influence how you make your choices but I would be nieve to think that this is just implied when making the following statement, so let me say this again implicitly  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.
I would like to be happy in my body, I would like to not cringe at the idea of having photos taken and I would like to not cry in changing rooms when shopping. Lets face it the first two I am and will continue to work on but the last one is really me relying for the fashion industry…so I guess I’ll just start packing tissues.

Okay so I got way distracted whilst writing this and missed loads of stuff out but here is a skeleton of what I would like life to look like in 10 years.

Sorry 2.0

I think it is safe to say that I have failed at both the 31 day blogging challenge and my daily posts! I have been off for nearly a week and a half and I can lay out all the excuses in the world but I just let lift get on top of me rather than dedicating myself to the daily post. Oh hey commitment issues, nice to see ya!

I am going to finish this bloody (p.g) challenge though and I WILL get in to the habit of daily/regular postings.

The filter is also being turned off,¬†my lack of posting has¬†not been¬†a result of me not coming to post of not having something ¬†to say but I have been mid rant/essay a few times and then decided this is not the ‘image’ I wanted to promote. But actually I disagree with myself now, the whole point of the blog is that there is no image. You have me. All of me. So the rants will stay.

Anyways, back to daily posts. Let’s do this! 12 days to go, until we take on the next challenge or free ball (y’all really don’t want me to free ball so if you come across any daily/weekly posting challenges comment below please :D)

Day 19- My worst habits

Other than using the word ‘fav’ you ask? Haha This title and post have the possibility to become so self-depreciating that I would want to slap myself, so let’s limit it to my 5 worst habits.

I’m oddly pessimistic about myself, this is odd because when asking for my personality traits my friends pretty unanimously said that I was annoyingly optimistic about life. I would argue this optimism has caused me to be optimistic about my own abilities which can make me take on more than I can handle. This could be said this is me being pessimistic about myself. Despite feeling the pressure and worry I have yet to be beaten by a task soo…. maybe it’s not an optimistic evaluation after all?

I ramble and lose direction…see above and basically every blog post so far.

I am a commitment-phobe, not in that I am uncommitted but, in that, I struggle to remain committed for the long term. I throw every part of myself into the current idea and then get bored and leave it half finished. This happens even if something is going well. I am working on this constantly, I have very nearly graduated which will be a huge achievement of dedication (4 years!).  I am also spending time working on my time management, this is perhaps 4 years too late for deadline stress but good for the rest of my life.

I wear my heart on my sleeve. Alright, other than the over-romanticisation of just being a bit soppy this is quite true. When I said above I throw every part of myself into an idea I meant it, I become emotionally invested very quickly and then I feel it to my core if something goes badly.

This is starting to be more of my worst traits than habits so back on track…

I bite my toenails, then leave them on the side. I always tell myself I will put them in the bin and I nearly always forget until later.

Oh, that makes 5! Thank goodness I was starting to hate myself.


Day 18- What am I afraid of?

What is fear?

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 4.48.23 PM.png

Irrational fear-
So don’t laugh but I am pretty terrified of sheep. You laughed. It’s okay so does everyone else.
This irrational fear is more known amongst my friends and actually is fairly hidden, in a need to prevent passing on my own ridiculous fears to Lila I have come a long way to be comfortable in this fear.
It’s their teeth. And a horrible dream I had when I was younger (I was about 6, 20 years on I am still terrified at the memory).

The dream:
So I am a vivid dreamer, but I imagine some of the details have become more folk law with the recounting of this dream many times over. So in the dream, I work in a lab. The type that tests on animals for medicine. (This is ridiculous because a) I am not scientific…atall. b) I’m not too cool with animal testing, for any reason ever. I know for some people that makes me heartless because surely the maximisation of human life right? Well actually no, we should all live fulfilling lives but death is an unfortunate but integral stage of the human experience so why should we torture animals to prolong that life, why is the human life deemed more important? Okay this took a turn) Anyway, to grow human organs in sheep human cells are injected into sheep embryo (I do not know if this is true, please tell me if it is not, but this is what the deal was in the dream) the cell attached the embryos organ and changes the growth pattern (I’m sure it’s much more complicated than that). But anyway so in the dream this happened and a sheep grew a human brain, it obviously knew that humans would just destroy it if found so it escaped and then reproduced. Until sheep, all had human brains and then fought back and killed us all.


Rational fear-
My constant need for approval, crushing self-confidence issues should be evident by now so it should be no surprise¬†my most rational fear, along with what I would imagine is a large amount of the population, is Failure. ¬†No not the band #smallplug but the very real and soul destroying potential circumstance of putting myself out there, investing in something and it not coming to fruition. Having to tell my Dad I tried but I wasn’t quite good enough. Waking up in the morning after investing emotionally, financially or physically in an idea and then nothing…

Well, now I am feeling #bummed cheers daily blog challenge ūüė¶

Day 17-Fav Childhood Book

Okay so before we even go down this rabbit hole, what are we classifying as Childhood? Lila has books that we read almost every night, she is 2 and I don’t for a second expect¬†we will be reading the same thing in 4 years but it would feel like a waste after dedicating a full year to them to completely ignore them if discussing her childhood favourites in the future. So we aren’t¬†answering the question about Lila but my point still stands, childhood is too undefined a term for me to give you a singular answer.

Plus, why would I pick just 1 book out of the many thousands out there to define the period in time in which I established the main base of my beliefs and thoughts around the world? ARE YOU CRAZY!?!?!

Here is a selection of books I loved from infancy to YA, in no particular order.

  1. The little mermaid -Disney addition, now as an adult I can frown at the quite obvious sexism in teaching a young girl that she doesn’t need a voice cause a man will fall in love with her ‘body language’ but at the time I was just happy there was a mermaid with red hair. My mum always had red hair whilst I was growing up (I now have red hair) so I somehow related to her.
  2. Thursdays Child- Noel StreatfeildI was weirdly obsessed with this book as a small child, I don’t remember relating to any of the characters, although I am sure I did, it was however the first book that completely transported my mind.
  3. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (+series)¬†– JK Rowling, do I need to even introduce this. This book was first introduced to me in Year 4 (aged 9) by a year 5 teacher (Mrs Sales- phonetic spelling of her name but I can not remember the actual). I still hear her voice when I read the first chapter though, she had an extreme elegance in the way she spoke and it captivated me as a child. This along with the book itself just allowed an awkward 9 year old to escape the frustrating world around her and hope for better.
  4. Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll, read with my dad from a small age and still reading now. My nan got Lila an Alice dress for her birthday so I am going to start introducing the stories to her.

I am sure there are many more but since starting this blog post I have become increasing distracted in my surroundings, apparently uni is not the place to blog. So I will leave it here.