31 Day Blog Challenge


In theory, blogging is easy. I’m just diarising my thoughts, backing them up with enough research to have sources and posting right? Wrong! I’m the new kid in the playground. I feel exposed and vulnerable, the need to please unseen faces on the other side of screens is great. I want my content to be interesting and funny, I’m asking for you the reader to take time out of your lives to read my thoughts. Nothing is more precious or valuable than time freely given so what makes my thoughts so special?

I could continue on the insecurities of a new blogger all day, or I could doing some research grab a few #bloggingchallenges and give it a go. After all, if you all hate me I can just brush myself off and try again, right?

So here goes challenge 1, this also is a good way for you the reader to get to know me. Or at least some obscure facts about me.

If you click the drop down in the menu above you will get a scrolling of the daily posts in answer to these, there is probably a way of having these feed beneath this top post but I am new to this and I skipped the tutorials…so I don’t know how to do this. If there is a particular day you wanted then the link should be below:

Day 1- Introduction
Day 2- 20 Facts about me
Day 3- Blog Name
Day 4- Earliest Childhood Memory
Day 5- Guilty Pleasure
Day 6- 3 Personality Traits
Day 7- 10 Favourite Foods 
Day 8- Old Photos of me
Day 9- Piercing and Tattoos
Day 10- First Celebrity Crush
Day 11- My proudest moment
Day 12- If I won the lottery
Day 13- Favourite Quote
Day 14- What’s in my handbag?
Day 15- Timeline of my day 
Day 16- Dream Job
Day 17- Favourite Childhood book
Day 18- What am I afraid of?
Day 19- My worst habits
Day 20 – 10 years on…
Day 21 – Something I miss
Day 22- 10 favourite songs
Day 23 – Pet Peeves
Day 24 – A difficult time in my life
Day 25 – Best Physical Feature
Day 26 – 5 favourite blogs/vlogs
Day 27 – What makes me feel better, always
Day 28 – Last time I cried
Day 29 – Top things on my bucket list
Day 30 – Favourite comfort food
Day 31 – A weird quirk of mine


(Does this count as Day 1 Introduction? If I am only technically introducing the challenge…?)


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