Day 23-Pet Peeves


I am petty so I imagine this list is going to be long.

Men that try to explain to me why feminism is wrong/oppressing men 😐

Being late, which is awkward because I am ALWAYS late.

Not being taken seriously, also being talked down too. Just fuck off.

Waiting for things, if I have had a really good idea I want to do it NOW!

Parents that think having children is the absolute ultimate in life. I get it you love your kid, but don’t judge me on my life choices because I am not there yet if I ever get there. I will not be judging you for having the children because I love children and I love spending time with my friend’s children and my niece is so important to my happiness and my life. But just don’t be an ass man, we took different paths live with it.

Youtubers with annoying voices, this is so superficial but it just irritates me. Don’t get me wrong I’m not about to start abusing in the comments cause let’s face it that’s just dumb.

Other drivers.

Other people when I am walking.

High shelves/hanging rails in shops. I am short.

People picking their noses, this actually makes me heave. Do NOT eat it 😦 (I gagged writing this)

“Is Pepsi okay?” NO! I didn’t ask you for Pepsi I asked for a Diet Coke.

Feeling helpless, this is not so much of a pet peeve but I hate it.


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