Day 22-10 fav songs

Well this is much more fun than yday so 10 favourite songs, just going to free ball and not over think these.

Soul KitchenThe Doors, although the Patti Smith cover is exceptional. Actually I cant decide between the two so both. I’m breaking all the rules!

The Young Crazed PeelingThe Distillers

Pure Love Rod Stewart. My dad sent this to me whilst I was in Africa and it created all the feels.

White Rabbit – Patti Smith, this is also a cover but I started listening to Twelve after the soul kitchen reference and PS is bae ❤ (No links for this because its not on spotify soz)

Change-New Town Kings, when someone puts all your politics in to a pretty amazing song. That.

Suffragette CityDavid Bowie, this was v. nearly Rock and Roll Suicide but lets face it there are soooo many  Bowie songs and albums too choose from.

Lust for LifeIggy Pop

Ode to Billie JoeBobbie Gentry

C’mon EverybodyEddie Cochran

Girl from the North CountryBob Dylan and Johnny Cash

I feel like this list is pretty predictable but I mean firm favs are favs for a reason right? I am also currently reading/listening my way through The Mojo’s definitive collection of best albums, thanks to #GilmoreGirlsReadingChallenge so I expect this to change all the time.


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