Sorry 2.0

I think it is safe to say that I have failed at both the 31 day blogging challenge and my daily posts! I have been off for nearly a week and a half and I can lay out all the excuses in the world but I just let lift get on top of me rather than dedicating myself to the daily post. Oh hey commitment issues, nice to see ya!

I am going to finish this bloody (p.g) challenge though and I WILL get in to the habit of daily/regular postings.

The filter is also being turned off, my lack of posting has not been a result of me not coming to post of not having something  to say but I have been mid rant/essay a few times and then decided this is not the ‘image’ I wanted to promote. But actually I disagree with myself now, the whole point of the blog is that there is no image. You have me. All of me. So the rants will stay.

Anyways, back to daily posts. Let’s do this! 12 days to go, until we take on the next challenge or free ball (y’all really don’t want me to free ball so if you come across any daily/weekly posting challenges comment below please :D)


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