Day 20 – 10 years on

This feels very timely. I’m in my final semester at university (Oh did I mention…haha) as well as a ridiculous amount of CV and interview prep there is also a huge lean on us to make the 5 to 10 year plan. Yay for life pressures!

If I wanted to be really non committal, which lets face it I always want to be non committal because honesty is HARD, I would just say simply I would like be happy. Dw I made myself a little sick typing that so I’m not blaming you for pulling a face.

I think there are two approach’s to mapping the next 10 years, I mean there are many more than two approaches but I don’t want to micro manage every inch of my life so we will go with the broad strokes. Also

This is more of a personal development section I guess as I have ZERO idea where I will be career wise, see day 16 for more indecisiveness about my dream job. I do know that I would like the following things though:

– I want (would like, we are adjusting language now so  to have completed my professional qualifications, this is actually a new one before this year I was kind of so-so about being chartered.

– I would like to have a good work/life balance, I love life this does not need to messed up by working long hours and not relaxing ever.

– The farm, although this is unpaid I still consider this as work because I invest both my time and my emotion in to the project. In 10 years I have no idea where the farm would be but I am hopeful it is successful and that there are a new generation of volunteers who are leading the project, inspiring their peers and building for our community.


Outside of personal development, where would I like to be in 10 years? There are some factors I have no control over. I am going to be 36 in 10 years time, this statement terrifies me. I knew I was going to write it but I still froze in horror when I did write it. Based on my hair currently I will be naturally grey, I see you parting pepper! So this is a list of things I would just like to have done/do before turning 36.

– I would like to be a mum, this is straight up there on the personal 10 years on. I’ve mentioned before this is not necessarily going to be the easiest thing for me to do and that adoption is highly likely, but this is a perfect world scenario right? So I would like to be a mum and I would like have 4 children.

– Backing off that and for general stability I would like to have a house that is comfortable enough for the slightly above average family I would like.

– I would like to continue travelling and have reached minimally 35 countries by this time.

– Body goals, and please do not think this is fat shaming in any way. Body Positivity is sooooo important. nobody gets the tell you what to do with your body and nobody should influence how you make your choices but I would be nieve to think that this is just implied when making the following statement, so let me say this again implicitly  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.
I would like to be happy in my body, I would like to not cringe at the idea of having photos taken and I would like to not cry in changing rooms when shopping. Lets face it the first two I am and will continue to work on but the last one is really me relying for the fashion industry…so I guess I’ll just start packing tissues.

Okay so I got way distracted whilst writing this and missed loads of stuff out but here is a skeleton of what I would like life to look like in 10 years.


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