Day 19- My worst habits

Other than using the word ‘fav’ you ask? Haha This title and post have the possibility to become so self-depreciating that I would want to slap myself, so let’s limit it to my 5 worst habits.

I’m oddly pessimistic about myself, this is odd because when asking for my personality traits my friends pretty unanimously said that I was annoyingly optimistic about life. I would argue this optimism has caused me to be optimistic about my own abilities which can make me take on more than I can handle. This could be said this is me being pessimistic about myself. Despite feeling the pressure and worry I have yet to be beaten by a task soo…. maybe it’s not an optimistic evaluation after all?

I ramble and lose direction…see above and basically every blog post so far.

I am a commitment-phobe, not in that I am uncommitted but, in that, I struggle to remain committed for the long term. I throw every part of myself into the current idea and then get bored and leave it half finished. This happens even if something is going well. I am working on this constantly, I have very nearly graduated which will be a huge achievement of dedication (4 years!).  I am also spending time working on my time management, this is perhaps 4 years too late for deadline stress but good for the rest of my life.

I wear my heart on my sleeve. Alright, other than the over-romanticisation of just being a bit soppy this is quite true. When I said above I throw every part of myself into an idea I meant it, I become emotionally invested very quickly and then I feel it to my core if something goes badly.

This is starting to be more of my worst traits than habits so back on track…

I bite my toenails, then leave them on the side. I always tell myself I will put them in the bin and I nearly always forget until later.

Oh, that makes 5! Thank goodness I was starting to hate myself.



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