Day 15-Timeline of my day


If I had posted this on the scheduled day this would have been Saturday 4th Feb 2017 buttttt that particular day I spent the whole day protesting, which I have blogged about separately here <LINK>. 

So instead you get me on a boring day! Monday 6th Feb 2017 Urghhh Mondays…

I have the worst Mondays, I know everyone says this but I really do. Monday is a uni day, and the timetable is the worst for an off-campus student. With a tutorial and lecture bookending the entire day and nothing (may I repeat NOTHING) in the middle. I do sit in the library, study, catch up on work and now blog in this time admittedly but it does make the day ridiculously long and boring. So here is my typical Monday.

6:15 am – Alarm 1 goes off, reminding me now is time to do my makeup/hair for the day. I will choose to ignore this because Sleep > everything else in the world forever ❤

6:45 am – Alarm 2 goes off, this will remind me that if I do not get my bum up and in the car before 7 am I will sit in traffic and be late.

7 am – I need to be dressed with my prepacked uni bag (I’m not new to my general bad morning habits so all showering, food prep and books will be dealt with before bed) and in the car ready to go by this point. It is important to note there is 0 minute cushioning on this if I leave the house at 7:05 I will be in traffic.

7:35 am – This is the time I will arrive at the Park &Ride of my uni, not having actual on-campus parking is the worst thing in my life and I am sure you will get the rantiest of blogs about this some day soon. I should note at this point I am a full 1 hour 25 minutes early for my first tutorial (which given my already long day in the library makes me feel frankly annoyed) but that as stated in the 7 am check in had I left the house at 7:05 I would have hit three different flows of traffic which would move my 35minute journey into a 2.5 hour journey making me late…

7:45 am – This is usually when I leave my car, I will have spent 10 minutes sulking in my car missing at least 1 park and ride bus, then I will draw on my eyebrows, add some mascara and eyeliner, and if I really wanna boss the day some boss bitch lipstick. The makeup is always pretty optional and will depend on my actual willingness to the Monday and my attitude on the Sunday night when packing my bag.

8 am- I am arriving on campus, this is the second of two campuses at my uni. It’s the new one but it’s also the quiet one, the SU is not based here and most social activities happen on the other one but hey we got the flag hall so…#winning. Anyway, we also do no have the subway so I will be going to the cafeteria and praying for some good eggs, despite the sign there is always a total of 0 veggie sausages.

9am- My first tutorial of the week! and the reason I had to be up at 6:45 am. Its Industry Practice, now don’t get me wrong it is nice to not have another module that is research intensive but this is the second module in two years based on my ability to apply for jobs. Not to moan but for the 9k I am paying for this I would probably prefer a skill based module in at least 1 of their places, but that is another moan for another day. This tutorial will last an hour but tends to set up the first couple of hours of my day.

10am-1pm – Serious amount of library time, this will catch me up on the things I didnt manage to finish on the Sunday wind down (let’s face it, it does always happen)

1-3pm- Lunch date with my oncampus friend 🙂

3-5pm – Last minute library time

5-6pm – The second and final tutorial of the day this one is on auditing. It is generally pretty interesting.

6-8pm- If I get caught in hometime traffic this is spent driving SLOWLY home, before I arrive home grumpy and get an early night. Thank God for spooning otherwise this might upset my entire week.



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