Day 14- What is in my handbag

Oh, I love this one! If you follow my Instagram you will see very occasionally this pops us as a photo series. I will be kind and keep this short here is the photo of today’s (03-02-17) content (please ignore the general mess of my office around this picture):


It contains:

  • Purse -obviously, I am a hungry person and if I don’t have my purse how would I buy food? There are probably more adult reasons like the need for diesel in my car and habit that also keep this in here.
  • 1984-George Orwell and And Still I Rise-Maya Angelou- by now this is just habit, I think I have always had at least one book in my bag just in case I need to hide away from the world/situation I am in. #AdultCopingMechanisms
  • Bills- Clearly pushed in here on the way up the stairs and forgotten about, probably forever…
  • Deodorant, non-mark (which is bull) I don’t need to explain why this is here I am a busy lady.
  • Bic Pens, 2 in the wrapper. I was caught short on Thursday before a meeting and had to grab some pens and a pad from the local supermarket. They now will live in my bag forever.
  • Headphones, do NOT talk to me when I’m walking dude.
  • Hardrive, this has all of my best friends wedding photos on. I am the worst post woman ever but she will have it tonight!
  • Carpark receipt, it’s like a week old and took a trip to the bin following the photo.
  • Change, both GBP and Euros #ForeverTravelling
  • Pain medication, for some reason outside of the collapsed box.
  • Lipstick! KatVonD because no animal cruelty yo!
  • Glasses, I am blind sometimes. Suprise!
  • Makeup Bag, I wear surprisingly little makeup (4th day of bare face) for the amount I carry around in my handbag.
  • Sainsburys vouchers and raffle tickets, bag or rubbish bin?
  • 2x notebooks for all my needs and thoughts, I do use this all the time. 1 is needed I don’t know why the second is in there?
  • A mock-up of community farm end of year accounts, I am in the process of doing HECommunityFarms end of year accounts atm so this is life…
  • Finally, the bag itself ❤ I got this recently, it looks like a briefcase/old Drs bag and makes me feel like a boss bitch.




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