Day 9 – Piercing and tattoos?

I’m not sure if this is asking; if I have either piercings or tattoos? or what my thoughts are about piercings and tattoos?

Either way, I’m pretty neutral on the debate. If you like them and want them GET THEM. If you do not then don’t. BAM there done! That is my entire argument for/against tattoos and piercings.

On the first question, the answer to both is YES.

– Nose, I wear a ring like the complete punx girl I am 😉
– Nipple, only the 1 although I do keep toying with the idea of the second. This is what happens when you have too much time on your hands…but beaut nipple jewellery makes it more than worthwhile. Currently, I am loving:
– I used to have two belly button piercings but they are alas no more
– Ears, I actually forgot to put this on because it’s such a common piercing.

– Keywork on the back of my neck. This is the symbol of the universe #TheArmoryWars is based in, for those of you that don’t know the Armory wars are the graphic novels that accompany the Coheed and Cambria albums. So basically this is such a #FanGirl tattoo.

– My largest tattoo is several roses twisting around a line from William Blake’sThe Sick Rose, from songs of innocence and experience. I got this tattoo at 18 and I love it, but it is in severe need of updating. I plan to get it re-coloured and altered slightly over the next couple of years. The poem is of significance because for me it documents the exact moment in which innocence becomes experience. Recognising the harsh reality of no return.

– On my left forearm, I have my most recent tattoo it differs from my other tattoos in that it is an ash tattoo. The eternal symbol, with the middle line replaced by the words “Forever Young”. To give some background on this tattoo it was the last play written by my best friend before his young departure of the world. I knew that he would be obsessed with the bitter irony in dying months after the production so it seemed the most fitting way to eternalise him. It is not based on the song that aired on X-Factor shortly after his death…which I was unaware of until pointed out by an interviewer who was trying to make small talk and noticed it on my arm…

– My final tattoo is the singular regret that I have in terms of tattoos or piercings, it is a small “J” on my left hip. This was done by an ex-boyfriend (no prizes for guessing the first letter of his name) a needle and some Indian ink. It was my most painful tattoo and I was so caught up in the romantic nature I neglected to think about the forever of the tattoo. I will at some point go over it but for now I keep it as a reminder that being rash does not always work out…


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