Day 7-10 Fav Foods

I can not spell favourite un-assisted (thanks Dyslexia! ) and it drives me crazy, this is my excuse for annoyingly using “fav” and sounding like a mall gal in its place constantly.

I love eating! Plus I have only recently (in the last year) became a vegetarian so we are currently experimenting with loads more foods, this list is then gonna be made up of foods that I find comforting or that I eat regularly. Also, the numbering is arbitrary I could not rank these foods because I love them all too much.

1) Fish Finger Sandwiches, oh how I love thee. Big time when I’m sick food from my mum, on less fish stomaching days (there have been a few) Mash Sandwiches are a close second, butter and HP sauce are necessities btw.


2) Chips, with everything. All of the time. They make literally every situation better. If I could choose it would always be chip shop chips, you know the fat ones that actually resemble a potato. The ones that go so perfectly in a chip butty, also with butter and HP, yep them ones. Don’t get me wrong I don’t exactly push fries off my plate either…


3) Halloumi, bae…bae…BAE. This squeaky, salty, fried cheese is just the best. I was a big fan and a little worried I would become sick of this with the veg adventure because sooooooo many restaurants use this as a modern vegetarian dish. This is the new nut roast. That is not a complaint, you don’t see nut roast on the list do you?


4) Chocolate Gateau. This is an old fav of a fat little child who discovered the soft sponge and perfectly piped chocolate filling the most exciting part about Christmas/any holiday. “FUN” FACT: I haven’t actually eaten a gateau in about 4 years because of dieting and the honest truth that I would go to town and eat the whole thing if I had the chance. I am saving that beaut image for a dark dark time in the future. (Liturally the worst picture but I am too busy thinking about is the soft soft sponge to care)

IMG_2619 (800x533).jpg

5) Spaghetti and Sausages, pre-veg but easily adapted post-veg #ThankyouLindaMcCartney. This smothered in a tomato sauce is basically the easiest and most filling meal. I probably owe a large amount of my waistline to this meal. No regrets. Seriously NONE.


6) Noodles, with most things. I tend to order plain and then just add loads of other bits. Noodle bar is the best for these in my town but I have been known to include these in our at home meals most weeks. Easy to cook, goes with basically anything, where could I go wrong?


7) Sweet Potato, You can chip it, you can mash it, you can put it in sandwiches, you can put it in a salad. I seriously love this beautiful orange root veg.

8) BREAD, literally anything and everything is better in BREAD or with BREAD…Tomato Soup with a whole hunk of bread is the best comfort food in the world. I should also note a special place for BAGELS, without which what even is life?

9) Crisps, in particular Cheese and Onion or Beef (but only the veg. friendly ones at work). I’m not a crisp purest either I would happily swap out for PopChips or cracker crisps etc.


10) Grilled Cheese, second cheese element on the list #woops. Such a good easy food for every situation. Also a firm fav at Five Guys.



Well HELLO there carb freak! I think we all can see what my fav. food group is. #HUNGRY definitely going to have lunch now.


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