Day 6 – 3 Personality Traits

I once read that the hardest thing to write about is yourself, this is something I believe to be so ridiculously true yet fairly easy to fake. For example #Day2 #20Facts I started being fairly serious and trying to blog with full disclosure and then I got a bit bored so it became quite surface level facts. It wasn’t until I started today’s challenge though that I realised how surface level I had been. How hard is it to a)determine your personality traits from an objective non-self-serving viewpoint b)write about them c)what even are personality traits all I can think of is emotions!

So, I asked a few of my friends to help me on this. After ripping into me and the word Hangry being floated around ALOT (which let’s be honest is totally true) and some research into the different personality traits. There are 638! split into Positive, Neutral and Negative. Ma ladies came up with these:

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 5.18.42 PM.png

1) Optimistic (#teampetty). I am really uncomfortable about writing about this so I’m gonna just give you the definitions.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 5.21.01 PM.png

2) Compassion/empathy


3) Inquisitive


So that was a short and pretty boring post, I most definitely feel uncomfortable writing about these. Also asking your friends to help although handy does also feel like you are fishing for compliments…



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