Day 5-Guilty Pleasure

Okay to start this back off again Day 5 is my guilty pleasure.

I tend to be a bit of an open book so this was a really hard thing for me to start to address, in my own mind a guilty pleasure is somewhat of a secret. Perhaps this has more to do with reading a lot of bad romance novels with all the sordid affairs. So I decided to look up the definition:

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 4.03.36 PM.png

So this is not some super saucy secret, I’ll wind it back…

My guilty pleasure is (probably the same as everyone else) binge watching TV series on Netflix drinking Diet Coke from a wine glass in my PJ’s. I have just completed the epic challenge that is the entire of #GilmoreGirls that’s right ALL 7 SERIES and the year in the life of episodes. Wait does this make it 8 series now? Not to prove that I am susceptible to media influences but watching these series did inspire me taking on the #RoryGillmoreReadingChallenge see my blogs about the books so far above!


Since then and the mourning period that came after (IS IT LOGANS BABY? DO THEY GET BACK TOGETHER!!!!) I have moved on to #JaneTheVirgin which although I am on season 1 I am already far too emotionally involved with the characters. #TeamJane #TeamRafael #MichealJUSTLEAVE




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