Day 3 – Blog name

Today’s post is pretty short but that’s because my blog name is simple.

Also, I know the infographic is about the business name but so clearly not applicable so we are changing to the blog name.


It’s simply a derivation of my two nicknames joined.

Scrim- This is a short version of scrimlet a nickname from an ex-boyfriend in my early twenties. This is something that many my friends will refer to me as so became too obvious choice when deciding to not use my full name in anything other than my academic or professional (still working on sorting out my Google self)

LaLa- Is the nickname my niece has for me, I said in the introduction that I would only refer to her as Bunny or Lila and this is why. The latter is the name she refers to herself as when we are together, she is Lila and I am Lala, it’s our well known secret code and I love it.


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