Day 2- 20 Facts about me

It’s about to get personal, here are 20 facts about me in no order of importance.

1) I am a full-time student studying towards my BA (Hons) Business and Accounting. I actually graduate in the coming June and am going into that terrifying last semester, where I am doubting everything I have ever learnt and my ability to write.
BONUS FACT: I went back into education at 22 and it was honestly the best thing I ever choose to do, because of this I had to complete my FdA in Business and Accounting first. Here is a picture of me graduating last year:

2) Outside of study and work, I am a trustee for Herts and Essex Community Farm. We are a small urban farming project based in my local town. Everything we grow is organic, the entire project is run by volunteers and our produce goes to our local homeless charity (Streets2Homes) and our local communities free of charge.
I am not a keen gardener, your #BonusFact here is that I have never successfully raised a house plant other than my Venus Fly Trap babies. This aside the project is my life, it gives purpose and drive. The volunteer community have become my family and I love them all dearly.

3) I am a feminist and a socialist.
Only recently have I felt the need to state such labels. I have always been a feminist, I never realised it needed to be said but as I have grown older, seen more of the everyday sexism that occurs, worked with women and men in highly abusive situations and studied more I have realised this needs to be said explicitly. I AM A FEMINIST!
Socialism the same, I was brought up in a very left-leaning household, this enabled me to never question my own boundaries I was able to grow and become whatever I could imagine. The strong dose of humanitarian work I have done across the globe taught me this was not the case for over half of humanity. I needed to do two things; first, admit my privilege, it is not something I could ever have influenced but ignoring it would be to ignore the suffering of those not born with privilege and second, become part of the change so that elitism, racism and sexism stopped oppressing the people of this world. For me that change is socialism.

4) I love music but I can not sing. I also am a pretty poor musician. I lack the patience and commitment to practise playing an instrument that my natural clumsiness would require to adequately make music. This has lead to me surrounding myself with talented people and encouraging Bunny to play instruments from birth. This also leads to me spending a lot of time daydreaming about my imaginary world renowned riot girl band (our name and line-up changes daily).


5) I always have a book in my handbag and at least 2 on my bedside table, these change pretty frequently as I read through them but yet I still manage to do the majority of my reading on a Kindle. Currently in my bag are: 1984George Orwell (this will be reviewed for the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge) and And Still I RiseMaya Angelou (off my personal reading list this will also be reviewed on the book report).
Bedside cabinet from memory is: Harry Potter and the Philosophers StoneJK Rowling (My old copy fell apart and I couldnt not read the replacement), HagseedMargaret Atwood (Who doesn’t love Atwood?) and The MOJO Collection: The Albums That Define Popular MusicJim Irvin (this is also part of the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge)

6) I say that I am not really a film or TV person but I am incredibly opinionated on the TV and film I do watch. Although I do love some “trashy TV” which drives my partner insane.

7) I am a Ravenclaw, oh and a Harry Potter fan. I love the whole HP universe and like to theorise with my close friends about it. I have an odd sense of pride about a made up house at a made up wizarding school I never attended. In real life, my school house was Moore named after British artist Henry Moore. I find it strangely odd that I allow the Hogwarts to help define who I am but not my actual school house.
(Oh and if you must know I am a THUNDERCLAW mix – Ilvermorny)


8) I love to travel and explore new places, this sounds so generic but I really do. Luckily I was of a generation that was able to take full advantage of the UK being in the EU and cheap flights. I hit 20 countries this weekend on a two-day trip to Luxembourg (£12.50 return flights-how could I not?!)
BONUS FACT: I have photos of me and my friend Jo in a ridiculous amount of out of service fountains around the world.


9) I set two alarms every morning, one is ridiculously early. This tricks me into thinking I have a lie in each day. I set this up and yet still feel a cheeky happiness when I get to go back to sleep.
BONUS FACT: If I assess anything in this state in the morning choosing to sleep more will always win. This includes work, flights, exams and well everything. #Lazy

10) I have recently become a vegetarian, I’m not gonna get preachy it was the right choice for ethically and physically (I have long term stomach issues) I really miss steak and chicken wings but there are so many good meat replacements that there really has been minimal disruption in my life.

11) I have size 4 feet, affectionately called my little hooves by my partner. Whatevs, I can buy children’s shoes ❤


12) I have a low-key diet coke addiction. Rather than being forward about this I often drink it from different utensils depending on where I am as a way of hiding what I am drinking, for example, I am currently at working drinking it out of a coffee mug at work and last night it was wine glass city…


13) I get overly enthusiastic about everything to start with and then am bored or resistant when following through. If it is something meaningful like the farm or taking aid to Calais this is not the case but I have curtains in the bottom of my wardrobe that I have been stitching for about 6 years now. I should re-purpose the material as  I have since purchased curtains but I am convinced that I will one day finish the task.14) I once cried at the sheer beauty of a cupcake. If any of my close friends find this blog they will love that this made it on the 20 facts, I am a pretty easy crier but a good cake is undeniable in beauty.

14) I once cried at the sheer beauty of a cupcake. If any of my close friends find this blog they will love that this made it on the 20 facts, I am a pretty easy crier but a good cake is undeniable in beauty.

15) I made it all the way to 15 trying to give obscure facts about myself but I assume I should do at least one on the basics.SHORT FIRE FACTS: I am female. I am bisexual. I am 20ish (25) born 04/04/91. I have dark brown eyes, they were black until I turned 2, I have long (always wishing for longer) red to ginger to blond balayage hair. This is the longest I have ever had the same or similar colour hair in fact but I do still love it. My hair is naturally curly, the curl has died a little over time because of heat products and this makes me infinitely sad. I am 5ft3, other than my baby brother the whole family are fairly short. My body weight fluctuates and I am forever on a diet/workout regime (rn it’s all about the yoga and #slimmingworld). I love all music but I have a very special place in my life for stoner rock. I grow my underarm hair and majority of the time my leg hair because it’s just more comfortable.


16) I have PCSO, this has many symptoms including low fertility because of this I have thought a lot about having children and how to do this. I am pretty sure that we will adopt our children in the future. It is not as easy as just making that choice but now that I am aware that is how I will become a mum I am definitely more driven to plan for this.

17) I helped my friend cheat in the Year 2 SATs exams, we were 7 and she needed my help. We were caught because we didn’t know it was considered cheating to help one’s friends so were open about it, I was so ashamed about it after being told off I didn’t tell my parents until I was in secondary school.

18) Coming off the back of that last one, I obsess over small details in my life that I can not change. These often make me cringe at myself which knocks my own confidence, it’s a vicious cycle but not one I have found a way of breaking. These things will often come up when I least expect it, something will trigger a memory of something fairly insignificant I will cringe and then want to withdraw from my situation. In the last fact, I spoke about admitting to a failing at 7 in my early teens this is the kind of thing I mean.

19) I have a strong faith in God, it is something I will continuously learn about for the rest of my life. Part of that learning is to explore other faiths, this is my favourite part because there are so many beautiful positive teachings in the world it is truly inspiring to hear them and take little bits from them even if they are not your base religion. With this in mind, I am not ignorant of the fact that it is very easy to prey on people who need guidance and turn to faith and that is equally as easy to distort teachings and faith for bad things, as with privilege to deny that this exists allows it to continue.

20) I love cooking, in particular, baking. I make all our family cakes and bake in between times. This year I had the absolute honour of making my best friends wedding cake.


Wow! So that was ridiculously hard.


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