What should I be reading next?


Hello world!

If you are reading this little blog then I would wager you are probably also a pretty avid reader offline, if so I need your help. You’ll see from previous posts that I am currently doing the #RoryGilmoreReadingChallenge which should have given me enough books to cover the next 4 years, but I’m going to let you in on a secret…I’m a true rebel without a cause.

So much so that I rebel against myself.

Since deciding to do the challenge I have read 5 books and 6 samples, only 1 of these samples is a title in the challenge!!! I will struggle through and complete the challenge but this request is to help me bulk up the procrastination reading list. Obviously, what else would I be asking for than more tools to avoid the tiny level of commitment I have imposed upon myself and my blog.

Currently; I list recommendations from friends, family member, other blogs, comments online, basically anyone or thing that speaks about a piece of literature. If I can obtain the book for a low price or FREE (emphasis always on the FREE, it is my fav price) then I will just read the whole book. Before this blog I would then post a review on Goodreads or/and Amazon, now I will also be posting one here. If however, I can not get the book cheaply or free I will download a free sample from Amazon to my kindle. This is the point where if you are a book purest you will be imagining burning myself and all other digital loving heathens on a fire, kindling (ironic I know) obviously not books!  I will post about my move to part-digital in another post but that is another day my friends. Anyway I digress, the samples are usually 1-3 chapters of the book (I think it’s actually a % of the book but I’m not working it out for you today) this will either wet my appetite for more or let me know that I really have no interest in carrying on with the book. You will start to notice the books I have not enjoyed as much because they will be #sampleonly reviews.

What do I need you all for? To recommend books of course. I am more than happy to take the plunge off the back of a recommendation you have heard and if it’s a book I read previously and reviewed I will post it up for you to see. So world my question to you is: What should I be reading next?



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