Day 1 – Introduction





This is me, in all my glory.

I’m Scrim, sometimes LaLa depending on who you are asking hence the Scrimylala. I am 20ish (25!!!) and finding it hard to accept adulthood (along with basically the rest of my generation).

I grew up in a fairly small town of about 85k people not too far north of London (UK). I’m a southerner and I have to accept with all the moans and groans that gives me that I have lead a fairly privileged life. We, my family, are far from rich when speaking in terms of finances but we have certainly been significantly poorer in my lifetime so this blog sees me at a time of comfort. Even at our harder financial times, I was always blessed with a loving and stable family. I have a strong relationship with my parents, in particular, my dad (you will see him star in this blog occasionally) who encourage and enable me to explore life. I could not be more grateful for the blessings I have and, without sounding too pious, it is this that drives me to better the world.

I have a niece whom I love more than I even thought was possible, she will feature a lot for sake of not selling her soul to the internet I will try to always refer to her as Bunny or Lila.

I was going to speak about my interests but I have spied that tomorrow’s post is 20 facts about me so I imagine they will feature there a lot.



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